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About WHITEBOOK - Tailored Notebooks™

Despite our much-loved technical aids, can we imagine life without hand-written notes?
We want to have our rough drafts on paper in our own hands, before, during and after the business meeting. On the bedside table in our hotel, on a sunny terrace throughout the day....we‘d prefer to have a stack of paper with us all the time. Paper that never gets lost. Paper that is never ballast. Paper we can make disappear immediately when we need to have a clear head for other things. It disappears, and waits patiently for us at home or in the office: the flow of thoughts still tangible, that which is unimportant removed, but the vital points are there, concentrated , close together, important. At any time we can take these notes from the shelf, turn back the pages and rediscover original ideas, perhaps already forgotten. The flow of ideas will never be lost again. We have them in our own hands.

That is how it should be. That is how we wanted it to be. That is how the story of Whitebook began.

We questioned the obvious and ignored the seemingly unchangeable. We found a simple
solution: interchangeable notebooks fixed in a personal binding. When the notebooks are
changed, the binding stays intact, the chronological order remains. All your personal
notes, stacked or on a bookshelf, are always ready to hand.

Made-to-measure notebooks, designed to satisfy individual needs. Whitebook combines traditional handwriting with energy aimed at the future, with a design that flirts with tradition yet remains unorthodox.

Whitebook - created to store all your notes, thoughts and inspirations (and also your i-Pad, Kindle 3, Galaxy Pad and others).
- ambitious and stylish
- perfect for project-orientated tasks
- a selection of types of paper
- all pages are perforated for easy removal
- compartments and pockets for all kinds of cards
- adjustable holder for pens and pencils of different sizes
- can be combined with new technologies such as the i-Pad and Kindle
- archive box for home or office
- adaptable for changing demands.

Whitebook is also available at Landolt-Arbenz, Bahnhofstrasse 65, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

Each Whitebook is a hand-crafted original, made in Switzerland under fair conditions, by people who are physically or mentally challenged. Every Whitebook makes a valuable contribution towards the integration of the disabled in the community and the working environment.

FSC-certified paper is used exclusively in the production of Whitebook.
The leather used is prepared according to strict environmental protection criteria. Origins: Italy, Germany, Switzerland.

WHITEBOOK - Tailored Notebooks™
It’s the first and only tailored notebook system made to measure for all our needs.
And probably yours too.


Whitebook is also available at Landolt-Arbenz, Bahnhofstrasse 65, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

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